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Made with all the goodness and decadence of premium nuts like pecans, almonds and cashews, flavored with our aromatic 'Holiday Spice Mix' and a hint of coffee, this butter is our customer fav, and is winter in a jar!

Ingredients: Pecan, Almonds, Cashews, Holiday Spice Mix, Coffee, Honey



It’s generally best to refrigerate our nut butters, especially during the hotter months. Because they do not contain any preservatives or stabilizers, they can become rancid if left out of refrigeration for an extended period of time and/or exposed to warm temperatures.

If you don’t have access to refrigeration, keep your nut butter in a cool, dark place. You may find that refrigeration is not required, as long as you use the contents of the jar within a reasonable amount of time. If you choose to do this, check the aroma of the nut butter regularly to ensure it is not becoming rancid. If in doubt, dispose of the product. Note that our non-stabilized nut butters may need regular stirring when not refrigerated.

Oil separation occurs naturally in our non-stabilized nut butters soon after the products are made because we do not put any ingredients in the products to keep the oil from separating from the nut solids. As a result, these products require stirring prior to use. Please do not drain off the natural oil on top or you will end up with a nut butter that is dry, hard and difficult to spread.

Shelf Life

Our nut butters have a shelf life of about 5 months (remember, they are completely preservative-free!)

It is safe to eat the butters after the best by date, but always with caution & overview. Some of the delicious flavor will decline over time. So check them for the smell and taste for rancidness. If in any doubt, best to discard the product.

Customer Reviews

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Amalia Succar (Dubai, AE)


Thanks Amalia for the feedback :) Its one of our fav nut butters too!

Team HeartiGrub

Paula DONCEL (Dubai, AE)


Aneesha Rai (Dubai, AE)

I always wait for this time of the year to grab this seasonal nut butter and buy it in droves! I love the clean ingredients and the flavor itself is absolutely phenomenal! It’s not too sweet either and I use it to make my pecan pie with raving reviews or even as a pre workout snack with a banana.