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Do you have a minimum order amount?

No, we don't have minimum amount for placing orders! We want you to enjoy your 'hearti' goodness however and whenever you like :)

Where do you deliver to? How much do you charge for deliveries?

We deliver throughout the UAE.

  • Next day delivery (working day) for orders placed before 4:30 pm.
  • 2 working days to deliver orders to other Emirates.

UAE Deliveries are priced as below :

  • DUBAI - Dhs.15
  • All other Emirates - Dhs.25

For any queries regarding your orders please reach out to info_dxb@heartigrub.com

What is the shelf life of HEARTIGRUB products? Is it safe to eat your products after the best by date?

Some of our products like the granolas, spiced nuts, nut butters have a shelf life of about 5 months (remember, they are completely preservative-free!). Our handmade spices have a shelf life of 1 year, whilst the relishes and mixers are for 6 months. 

Yes, it is safe to eat your products after the best by date, but laways with caution & overview. The product is safe to eat beyond the best by date, but some of the delicious flavor will decline over time. So check them for the smell and taste for rancidness. If in any doubt, best to discard the product. 

Are HEARTIGRUB Nut Butters gluten free and dairy free?

Yes, we take extra care to ensure that there is no cross contamination and our butters are free of gluten-containing ingredients. There is absolutely no dairy in our nut butters.

We also have a range of other products that are gluten free like our granolas and nut mixes.

What is your product range?

We offer everyday gourmet pantry essentials - delicious & healthy granolas nut mixes, nut mixes, nut butters, spices, relishes, mixers and more.

We also specialize in meaningful gourmet gifting - From personal to parties, to corporate gifting, we're taking it to the next level by combining thoughtfulness, luxury, and clean ingredients in our gourmet gift boxes. Gift Boxes, platters, gift baskets, and bulk orders. No order is too big or small!

How is HEARTIGRUB granola different from other breakfast cereals? ​​​​​​​

Our granolas are made in a simple way: NO NASTIES. NO SHORTCUTS.

  • Made with the finest Organic Oats
  • Chok o block with the best quality nut & dreid fruits and superfoods in our granolas
  • Freshly Baked Weekly (you have to smell a freshly made batch ) 
  • No Preservatives
  • Free of any Refined Sugar
  • They are Customizeable! Yes, As a small biz, we take pride in understanding and taking account of our customers' dietary requirements.
  • Our Granolas are customizable for orders of 5 packs and more.
  • We can make them VEGAN | KETO | PALEO.

Contact us | DM or email us, and we will try our best to cater to your needs. Try us on that!

Where do the ingredients in HEARTIGRUB products come from?

From all over the world and locally ofcourse! We have done alot of research on our procurement chain, and take pride in the quality of ingredients we use.

  • Nutrient Dense 
  • Organic wherever possible
  • Fresh high quality of nuts
  • Our organic traditional oats come from Africa
  • Our gluten-free oats come from the USA
  • Nuts come from USA, Turkey, Africa and India

Do I really need to refrigerate HEARTIGRUB nut butters?

It’s generally best to refrigerate our nut butters, especially during the hotter months. Because they do not contain any preservatives or stabilizers, they can become rancid if left out of refrigeration for an extended period of time and/or exposed to warm temperatures. 

If you don’t have access to refrigeration and can keep your nut butter in a cool, dark place, you may find that refrigeration is not required, as long as you use the contents of the jar within a reasonable amount of time. If you choose to do this, check the aroma of the nut butter regularly to ensure it is not becoming rancid. If in doubt, dispose of the product. Note that our non-stabilized nut butters may need regular stirring when not refrigerated.

Why does the oil separate on top of some of your nut butters?

Oil separation occurs naturally in our non-stabilized nut butters soon after the products are made because we do not put any ingredients in the products to keep the oil from separating from the nut solids.

As a result, these products require stirring prior to use. Please do not drain off the natural oil on top or you will end up with a nut butter that is dry, hard and difficult to spread.

Why do I need fat in my diet?

Fat is an important part of our nutrition. Some fat in your diet is necessary for good health. Fats are required for many of the body’s basic biochemical processes. Children and pregnant women especially require sufficient fat for healthy development of mind and body. Other benefits of fats:

  • Efficiently provide calories for energy
  • Required to support cell growth
  • Help protect the body’s organs and keep the body warm
  • Help the body absorb some nutrients (including vitamins A, D, E, and K)
  • Needed for production of important hormones

We are HEARTIGRUB, a local homegrown business started by two sisters, Arti & Anjali, in 2014,  passionate about bringing back real food to the table!

Our Ethos

To continuously stock your pantry with honest & wholesome goodies made with the cleanest of ingredients, organic wherever possible.


    Our grub is made with clean, superfood ingredients to help you feel and be your best version. It is low in sugar, high in protein, iron and calcium, but most importantly tastes delicious & 'hearti'. We strongly believe snacks should be both - tasty and made with clean ingredients.


    We make our grub in small batches, so every time you order from us, you can be assured it's freshly prepared. Just like home made, which is the only way we know our food, since childhood. So you eat fresh, and there is zero food wastage. Good for you, good for the planet.

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We believe in living and eating healthy, with hearty doses of laughter, celebrations, adventure and flavours, along the way!