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Our Cold pressed mustard oil  comes with the immense natural benefits of mustard. We ensure the highest quality of our product, maintained intact in glass bottles. 

What we love about Mustard Oil?

  • Cold Pressed from the finest quality mustard seeds
  • Delicious flavour and aroma
  • Good ratio of Omega -3 and omega -6
  • Rich in Mono Staurated Fatty acids (the good fatty chains that we need in our diet)
  • Has a higher smoke point than many other oils-  250°C/ 480°C , so it results in lower oil retention in fried foods
  • Great skin and hair tonic too!

Why Cold pressed?

  • Cold pressed oil means the seeds are pressed in a low temperature that is below 36°C /98°F. This ensure their good fatty chains are intact, and dont lose out on their goodness.
  • Commercial edible oils in supermarkets are generally hot pressed oils. Hot pressed oil means the seeds are roasted and pressed under very high temperature (above 49°C /120°F)
  • They also add petro-chemicals during the extraction process to get more oil out of the seeds.
  • Edible oils purchased in stores are known as "RBD" oils. These are oils that have been Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. As a result, these oils are generally tasteless, odorless, and colorless regardless of the original oilseed type or quality. 
  • Multiple over processing like this, makes the resultant oil devoid of any benefits, and makes them anti-inflammatory, which is a big concern today for most people.
  • We have been using these commercial for decades now due to savvy marketing campaigns, but it is only in the recent times, through awareness about the importance and benefits, cold pressed oils became very popular once again.

Usage Suggestions

Cooking Heat - Medium-High.
Flavor - Bold.
Suitable for medium-high heat: Perfect for sauteing, frying, making curries, blending into a dressing/sauce, pickling.


100% Pure Mustard Oil


- Never store your oils on the counter or above the stove where they are exposed to constant regular heat inside their containers!!
- Safely store them in your kitchen cupboard to ensure the longevity and flavor.
- Storage Containers: Glass or metal containers work best, and glass jars are great because they are air-tight and easy to reuse. You can choose dark coloured bottles, to protect them from UV filter, but even then its important they aren't kept outside.
- Frequency of Use: Prevent the oil from oxidisation, which happens as time passes by. So if you buy a big bottle of oil, we suggest you to take some oil out of it for everyday cooking and just refill it whenever need be. This would help prevent oxidisation of the oil.

Shelf Life

The lifespan of the oil is 8 months till the bottle hasn’t been opened, but it changes once you open your bottle of cold pressed oil, so its best when consumed within 30 to 60 days.

Again consider the size of the bottle based on your consumption. So if you use oil quickly, definitely opt for a bigger size, else purchase a smaller size.

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