Start Your Morning Right!

Our delicious moreish granola & nuts are handmade in small batches using the finest quality of ingredients. This means you always get freshly prepared batch when you order, unlike commercial ones which have been sitting on the supermarket shelf for months.

What sets our granola apart from others?

Unlike commercial brands in the market, which mostly consist of oats, our granola comes chock-full with the goodness of premium whole nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Made with 100% organic jumbo rolled oats.

A shelf life of just four months means you are eating fresh and nutrient dense food, as with longer expiry dates, the quality degrades with time, as nuts get rancid and oats get stale.

No refined sugars to sweeten our granola, just a hint of pure quality honey. It is full of RAW  GOODNESS | SOY FREE | LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX 

Yesss I want some!