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🌶️✨ Introducing Tajín-Infused Cranberries: A Burst of Flavor and Spice! ✨🌶️

Elevate your snacking experience with our Tajín Cranberries, where the tang of cranberries meets the bold kick of Tajín seasoning. Bursting with a harmonious blend of spicy, salty, and citrusy notes, these delightful treats are a taste sensation that will awaken your palate.

🍒 Key Features:

  • Plump, succulent cranberries infused with the iconic Tajín seasoning.
  • A perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors in every bite.
  • Versatile and snackable – ideal for elevating charcuterie boards, salads, or enjoying on their own.
  • Packed with antioxidants and natural goodness.

Why Tajín Cranberries? Our Tajín-infused cranberries add a unique twist to your snacking routine. Whether you're entertaining guests or treating yourself, these zesty and bold-flavored cranberries are a must-have addition to your pantry.

🎉 Ways to Enjoy:

  • Sprinkle over yogurt or oatmeal for a morning kick.
  • Toss into salads for a surprising burst of flavor.
  • Pair with cheese and crackers for a spicy charcuterie experience.
  • Enjoy straight out of the bag for a snack that's anything but ordinary.

Indulge in the Extraordinary: Treat your taste buds to the extraordinary fusion of Tajín and cranberries. Tajín Cranberries are more than a snack; they're a flavor adventure waiting to be explored.

Add a dash of excitement to your snacking routine – try our Tajín Cranberries today!


Premium dried cranberries, Tajín seasoning


Keep them away from heat and direct sunlight in a dark cool place, ideally in air tight container.

Shelf Life

These can be stored for 2 months in air tight container.

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