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Our premium Iranian saffron is Pure A Grade Negin Saffron, made up of the red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style of the flower prior to drying. Stigmas cut this way don’t trap the moisture inside. If stigmas stay attached to the style, it keeps inside up to 30-50% dead weight and you pay for it. We only sell the stigmas (threads).

Highest quality saffron, such as ours, is determined in excellence by 3 qualities:

  • The Coloring Strength - Crocin - Its coloring is red and rich and power (Fully Red and Deep Red).  Its Color Strength is above 230 - 260 USP. 
  • The Aroma Strength - Safranal - Excellent aroma between 35- 45 USP. 
  • The Flavor Strength - Picrocrocin - Pure taste of saffron is with hints of bitterness usually around 85- 110 USP.

What is Negin Saffron? Negin saffron is longer and thicker by common saffron. It is pure and contains stigma without the style and is one of the most expensive Saffron in the world. Negin saffron has no style & pollen and just consists of red parts of stigma with a high strength of coloring and aroma.

Storage: Refrigeration is usually best for keeping your saffron fresh. Keep it away from heat and high temperature environment because these factors affect the quality of the saffron. Negin Saffron is very sensitive to moisture. So be careful to store it in a cool and airtight place. So best storage practice is to keep saffron is in a cool place and keep away from light. 

Apart from elevating the taste & aroma of a dish magnificently, saffron also has many benefits. It is used to for:

  • It is said to help with insomnia and reduce stress.
  • Its a great mood lifter, so little in your tea is wonderful addition.
  • It is also of great use in the cosmetics and skin care.

Look carefully the next time you buy your saffron, as alot of sellers take advantage of consumers' limited knowledge about pure saffron. So they sell them old, and the orange and yellow portions of the threads, which offer no value in terms of flavour & aroma. In turn consumers end up paying much more in reality for a low grade product. 



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