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Asafoetida, popularly known as Hing/ Heeng in Hindi, is a quintessential spice in Indian cooking, giving it a distinct savoury (umami ) Indian flavour! It is a potent spice that can transform a humble dish into something magical. Heeng has a strong pungent smell, which turns into a musky aroma when cooked, which adds a delicate flavor to dishes when cooked with other spices. How special is that!!

Ingredients: Asafoetida, Gum Arabica.

Our heeng is pure & potent, so please use carefully. Just a pinch is enough. It is almost 10 times more potent that commercial store ones. We do not add any gluten to our heeng. 

It is made from the dried resin of the ferula root, that grows only in Northernmost India, Afghanistan & Iran. It is extensively used in Indian & Middle Eastern Cuisines. A pungent spice, Asafoetida, packs a powerful flavor; a small pinch of pure Asafoetida is equivalent to 10 onions/garlic cloves. So it is used as an alternative for those sensitive to consuming garlic and onions. 

Add it to your dishes for a distinctly 'umami' and Authentic Indian Flavor & Aroma. Use it days, curries, vegetable stir fry, gravies and more. 


The most important thing to remember is not to add the pieces of heeng directly to the dish, as it often results in uneven mixing which leaves an undesireable pungent aftertaste in the mouth!

 1. The most popular way of using heeng is to roast a bit of heeng in hot oil/ghee for 5 to 10 seconds and then add the other spices & ingredients. You should be quick in doing this as heeng can burn easily. You can then add this tempering to your soups, dals, curries, saute.

2. Fine crush the heeng and blend it into a smooth paste with water before adding it to the dish. So it mixes evenly with the dish while bringing out the deep flavours.

3. You can steep it in hot water for 3-4 minutes, till it is evenly dissolved. This heeng broth/water can be used as a base for a curry like sambhar , soup or cook your greens in it. Again just remember to use just a dash!


Customer Reviews

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Pridhee Gupta

These guys are truly bringing back the old Homemade grandma's unadulterated food back. Not only my family, our parents are in love with their goods. My father loves their Mango relish. My mom loves their Hing (which is used in curries)!

Thanks much for sharing Pridhee, so happy to get this feedback. We totally agree - gluten free can be absolutely delicious & nutrient dense. Warmest, Team Heartigrub

Sagarika M.
Quality & Service

*High quality of ingredients used in each products*Fantastic customer service and easy to approach the team on any questions or requirements of brand products.

Love to hear your wonderful feedback Sagarika! Thankyou for shopping &supporting local. Warmly, team HeartiGrub

Naomi Henshall
Love the Asfoetida!

I have recently embarked on Low FODMAP elimination diet due to gut issues, so am unable to eat garlic or onion. I heard about this great product which can be used as a substitute- Asfoetida! Unfortunately, every time I sourced this product, it was diluted with gluten. As I am a celiac, this was off limits for me. HEARTIGRUB came to the rescue with an additive free Asfoetida!

Thankyou for this wonderful feedback Naomi!