Quick & Easy Pistachio Yoghurt Dessert

Quick & Easy Pistachio Yoghurt Dessert | HeartiGrub

Juggling work, home and kids, and always struggling to make time in the kitchen? Here is our summery & satiating recipe, easy peasy recipe that always impresses!   It takes just about 10 mins to prep - a time saver and a crowd pleaser :) So here is our very own Pistachio Saffron dessert!! Made with @heartigrub #vegan Pistachio Nut Butter and our fragrant saffron syrup - IIKSIR AL ZAFRAN, this is one delish recipe! 

A light and smooth yogurt and saffron and pistachio with a wonderful texture, which resembles a mousse! 


Quick & Easy Pistachio Yoghurt Dessert! 

Yields: 4- 5 portions | Prep Time: 10 mins


350g Greek yoghurt or hung yoghurt

3 tbsp @heartigrub Saffron syrup (adjust as per your taste)

3 tbsp @heartigrub Pistachio Butter (adjust as per your taste)

1/2 tsp cardamom powder (optional)

4-5 Figs, sliced and toasted (optional)

Pomegranate pearls to garnish (optional)



Mix in the yogurt, Saffron syrup, pistachio butter and cardamom powder well. Assemble the dessert in individual bowls, then let it cool for an hour in the refrigerator. Cook the fig slices in the oven/airfryer for 5-10 mins till they get golden n toasty. Drizzle some pistachio butter on top, along with the figs and pom pearls and serve. .

Do tag us if you try it out. We would love to see your creations. They say hearty real food isn't about spending long hours in the kitchen, it’s about enjoying it with your loved ones :) 💕 

Pro Tip: The key for this wonderful texture is to use strained greek yogurt, as it is smoother and creamier and ensure it is cold!  

Recipe by Anjali Agarwal @dreamsalotanji


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