Vegan cashew Butter By HEARTIGRUB

This healthy nut isn’t just deliciously creamy, and can act as a substitute for eggs, butter, cheese and even yogurt, but it’s also pretty incredible for your brain. All nuts and seeds contain beneficial fats, B vitamins and magnesium for a healthy mood, but cashews are one of the few actually linked to reducing not just #anxiety, but also warding off general #stress and even mild depression.

Cashews are a tiny package of iron, magnesium, Vitamin B6, protein and important amino acids, and even omega 3 fats. All of these nutrients directly ward off mild depression and anxiety naturally. Here’s how:

Cashews are one of the best sources of the amino acid trytophan among all plant-based foods. This amino acid is critical for improving the uptake of serotonin in the brain and acts as a direct precursor to the anti-depressant hormone itself. A depletion of serotonin can make us feel anxious, stressed, and just downright sad. Cashews are also richer in magnesium than the more well-known nut, almonds. Magnesium is critical to a healthy mood and nervous system, helping treat anxiety and depression as a result. Magnesium also fights low blood sugar that can contribute to anxiety, and cashews contain roughly 83 miligrams per serving.

The Vitamin B6 in cashews helps with the uptake of serotonin in the body as well. Both Vitamin B6 and trytophan work to create a relaxed, zen state that helps fight a sour or anxious mood. Vitamin B6 also reduces depression and improves overall brain health by helping magnesium reach cells more effectively.
The healthy fats in cashews are also important for a balanced mood and preventing depression. #Cashews are one of the best sources of mono-unsaturated fats and as a result can help keep your brain #healthy to ward off #depression naturally. #uglybynature

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