HOLIDAY RECIPES BY HEARTIGRUB : Hazelnut & Coconut Pudding

HOLIDAY RECIPES BY HEARTIGRUB : Hazelnut & Coconut Pudding

Hazelnut & Coconut pudding. HEARTIGRUB

Put together this super easy recipe in minutes & impress guests or loved ones wit this decadent creation. Since this recipe has just 3 ingredients, its important to use premium quality ingredients, which is what this guilt free dessert soo good, like our Cacao Hazelnut Butter, made with premium Raw organic Cacao Powder and Turkish Hazelnuts. No Nasties.

Recipe Yields: 6 mini servings
1 cup coconut milk , full cream
3 to 4 dates as per taste
1/2 cup hazelnut cocoa butter
  1. Blend coconut milk and dates until smooth. Taste and add more dates if needed.
  1. Add hazelnut cocoa butter and pulse again till its smooth.
  1. Transfer into mini dessert bowls and refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours before serving.
  2. Garnish with grated chocolate and toasted hazelnuts as needed. 

Recipe created and shot by Teena Agnel for HEARTIGRUB.

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